July 19, 2011

When one balloon just isn't enough!

My daughter has a whole bunch of them.  Every time we bring a balloon ball out in a new fabric combo, she wants that one too!  And that's perfect - she's a brilliant tester!  At eight-years-old, she's pretty rough with them.  We live in a cul-de-sac so they get kicked around for a little soccer, thrown into the hoop for netball practice, the boys in the street bounce them off each other's heads, and the littlest neighbours sit on them.

On a rainy day a balloon ball goes to school.  Remember those rainy days at school and everyone had to stay inside?  BORING!  Well, my daughter's class LOVE it - Clover takes a balloon ball in her school bag, a little bit of puff and tie the balloon off, and the kids are all into it.  Her teacher thinks it's great, it keeps the kids moving, engaged and laughing, and balloon balls are SAFE.  They're not knocking things down, and they're something EVERYONE can enjoy together.

This month we have some new fabrics coming out ... and in celebration of love and luck, we've got a selection of CLOVER fabrics ... Clover's with bumble bees, clover's with love hearts, ladybugs, and on their own.  Oh, and some stars, and rainbow love hearts too!  Choosing fabrics is so fun, I can never get enough of it!

Which is why we've decided to extend our repertoire of our own nic-nac designed fabrics, and add to our collection.  Because my other love is DESIGNING fabric!  The signature nic-nac fabrics - the poppy dot and blueberry spot are fabrics we've designed and printed in the exact hues which we love, and now there are three more fabrics joining the party.  While I can't show you just yet, I can give you a clue to one of them ... what might it have all over it?!  You guessed it - CLOVER's!  The fabrics will be ready by September, and will be available in our full range.  nic-nac nappywraps, miniwraps, change mats, carry-alls, balloon balls and possibly even pencilwraps.  Yeeehaaaa ... to celebrate their arrival we're going to run a fantastic competition - so keep a look out for it!

And on that note, the 1500 nic-nac facebook liker giveaway winners are ... DRUM ROLL PLEASE :-)

Sarah Misko
Christine Morris
Kate Manley
Amie Nicholson
Kathy Amanda Cantrell

Sarah Rowley
Lana Whittington

Melissa Allen
Tanene Maddies Mum Donnelly
Colleen Carpenter

Would all you winners please post your email addresses below, and your colour preference too (poppy dot or blueberry spot - you can find piccies here) and they'll be posted out this week!

Have a great week y'all!

See you on facebook for an awesome competition starting SOON!

Kylie xo