May 30, 2012

2500 facebook likers ... WINNERS ARE GRINNERS!

Thanks to you all who took part in this giveaway, I've really enjoyed exploring the pages which you've all recommended as doing some good ... And I have donated to a couple who I was super-impressed with.   Thanks for sharing the love :-)

Apologies for the delay in posting up the winners, but here they are;

Winner is Olivia Flanagan

  • kid prize pack; 
  • 1x nic- nac balloon ball, 1x dragon eggs, 1x fairy eggs
  • RRP $25.95

  • parent prize; 
  • 1x nic-nac carry-all
  • RRP $89.95

Winner is Jess

Please email with you postal addresses so we can get your goodies out to you asap .... Also, with the bubba pink balloon ball baby prize pack - we are currently out of stock of that fabric, so please state your preference out of poppy dot or blueberry spot.  Our sewers are up to their eyeballs in balloon ball fabric as I type, so you're welcome to wait a few weeks if you'd like to choose a different fabric.  

Congratulations peeps - ENJOY!

Kylie xo

May 14, 2012

2500 facebook liker competition!

I love a competition ... quiz ... whatever - anything that interacts and gets people thinking and researching - I'm into it!

So, without wanting to announce "here, have a free balloon ball!" with no fun attached to it, I want to do something a bit different.

What is up for offer, to celebrate nic-nac getting to 2500 likers (which is very exciting!) is offer three categories of prizes;

  • kid prize pack; 
  • 1x nic- nac balloon ball, 1x dragon eggs, 1x fairy eggs
  • RRP $25.95

  • parent prize; 
  • 1x nic-nac carry-all
  • RRP $89.95

  1. OK, so now you know what you could win, how do you go about getting your hands on one of these prize packs??!
  2. Share on the nic-nac facebook page, a page that is doing some kind of GOOD for others ... make sure you mention WHY you think they're a GOOD page.
  3. Share on the nic-nac facebook page WHY you love being a parent ... doesn't have to be a novel, can be just a short sentence on why being a parent fills your heart with love, or makes you smile.
  4. Head to the nic-nac website and find a product you didn't know was on there before.  Write about it on YOUR facebook page, tagging nic-nac on the post.
  5. Come back here, and comment below when all your deeds are done, and which prize pack you're keenest to win.

Good luck!


Terms and conditions;
Entries only accepted until 8pm Tuesday 22nd May
Winners will be notified here on the blog, on Tuesday 22nd May, 2012 at 10pm
Winners will be chosen using

May 10, 2012

Mother's Day FREE printable

Mother's Day is almost upon us once more, and kids around the world are preparing to make their first cup of tea, perhaps breakfast in bed, a home-made card, perhaps a picnic or help around the house.

Whatever it is, make sure you take the time this Mother's Day to enjoy filling in this printable with your kids, and store it somewhere special.  You'll love how your picture changes each year, as do the gorgeous things they write.

Email for your FREE printable (hi-res PDF version) 

Enjoy your special day!

nic-nac mother's day printable

Fabulous Friday - fan of the week! 11/5/12

Fabulous Friday - fan of the week!


I have loved reading your comments and interacting with you on our page ...

My all-time favourite comment you made this week, in response to the article and image of attachment parenting, was "I couldn't get enough of her baby smell" how true that is for so many of us!!!!!

You have won a nic-nac carry-all (RRP $89.95) - so please head to to choose your fabric - poppy dot or blueberry spot - and let us know your postal details.  Email and it will be in the post asap!

Have a fabulous weekend, and to all you nic-nac likers out there - get interacting with our page, share piccies, write comments, like posts, and you could win next week's Fabulous Friday fan of the week!

Happy fabulous Friday,

Kylie   xo