February 20, 2012

Show your creative flair!

To win one of the final three nic-nac balloon balls, see how clever you are with words, and make up a little ditty using the nic-nac tag line ...

Either using nic-nac nappywrap or just plain nic-nac.

See how you go :-)

Due to posting this much later than anticipated, you have until 9am WEDNESDAY 22nd Feb 2012 to submit (below) your little ditty.

Enjoy!  xo

February 09, 2012

2000 facebook -likers celebration pop quiz

Well, we reached the 2000 likers milestone, and geee it feels nice to be liked :-)  So, as promised - we're holding the nic-nac pop quiz 10 balloon ball giveaway!

the winners will be able to choose their balloon ball from the selection available on our website

The rules are;
  • you MUST answer all 10 questions (posted on facebook) correctly to qualify to be in the running to win.  
  • Those ten questions will always begin with QUESTION 1 (2, 3 etc).   
  • If there are MORE than ten people who answer all questions correctly, the 10 winners will be chosen using random.org.  
  • The pop quiz will go over a series of days, and the questions will be posted at different times ... 
  • It's not a race.  It's a fun pop quiz where it's about correct answers rather than speedy responses!
  • The answers can all be found either on our facebook page, or on our website.
  • All answers must be written ON THIS BLOG at the comments section below this post.  DO NOT post them on facebook!  click LIKE on the facebook post once you have answered.
  • You might need to be a little bit creative at times - enjoy it!
Enough of the rules! 

QUESTION 1: when nic-nac began, what was the FIRST product we created?  

Good luck - keep checking to see when question two is up!

Kylie xo