December 22, 2010

end of 2010... what a year!

Hi and here's my last post for 2010... Not that I have posted that much, having a new business, updating the online store and a nic-nac facebook page have ensured there's not much time left for other stuff, but I do like the idea of blogging, so my new years resolution is to be more active on here! 

I like the idea of hints & tips, sharing ideas on parenting, recipes, good ideas for cheap fun, how to get creative with your kids... because most of all I have learnt one thing this year;

Too many people feel negatively about parenting, and it's time to remind them why they wanted kids in the first place, and help them reconnect to the FUN that is parenting. 

Why do so many people COMPLAIN about being parents?  we spend so much time trying to get pregnant, love the baby stage, and then as soon as these little humans evolve as toddlers with tantrums or throw food, or kids with attitude, suddenly it seems the arguments start between the parents, "you don't do enough!" "it was your idea to have these kids!" and I really don't get it, and it makes me sad.

Motherhood for me is the best thing I have ever done.  It's the thing I'm most proud of.  Watching my daughter and my husband interacting is something really special, and I encourage things they can do together - just the two of them.  While I still have an element of grief in me over not having another child, the gift of our daughter is magical, and I am forever grateful to have her in our lives. 

(Clover (on our holiday a couple of months ago - Vanuatu) weaving on the beach... she lights up my morning and makes me smile.) 

Each stage she gets to (she's now 7) I feel a little sad at what has passed.. maybe that's due to only having one child, so you don't get to do the baby stage again, the toddler stage again, the fun play dates and picnics at the beach during the day... but I LOVE being involved in her school, doing canteen duty or going on a class trip.  Homework - spelling and home reading, inviting her friends over for afternoon tea and sleepovers, watching movies on a Friday night or baking up a storm.  We can now have serious chats about serious things... and her favourite thing when we're on long car rides "tell me a story about when you were little mummy..."

Juggling being a working mother, a wife, a carer, trying to build my business, having a social life, time for family, time for my husband, catching up with friends, finding time to exercise (ha ha!) and time to myself to relax (ha ha ha!) is often a struggle, and I do have to work through the guilt I feel at never being enough, giving enough, doing enough, BUT at the end of the day, ALWAYS making sure I can go to bed knowing I have helped someone, made a difference somehow... even if that's just making sure there's a healthy meal on the table, and a hug and story before bed.

Being a mum sure is a challenging job at times.  But it's the biggest gift we can ever receive.  The opportunity to bring a child into the world and to teach them and enjoy them so that they grow to be mindful, respectful, thoughtful and confident as they go out and explore the world.

As this year ends and another begins, our children are a bit older (so are we!!), and time is marching on.  Do you make the most of the time with your child/ren, and do you tell them how much they are loved and cherished?

Best wishes to you all for a beautiful 2011, and a wonderful festive season. 

Kylie xo

"A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person."  Mignon McLaughlin

October 11, 2010

a great documentary on pregnancy...

Hi there,

We've been living in such rainy times lately up here on the north coast (not quite as bad as south east qld though!) that there's been a lot of iview watching at ours... and i found this one which was too good not to recommend.

if you get a chance (it expires on iview in 8 days) it's well worth a watch.

we were at the baby & toddler show in sydney at the beginning of October which was a great 3 days of talking everything nic-nac - great fun - and awesome to meet lots of interesting people - both shoppers and stall holders alike.

Byron Bay markets this weekend.... Sunday. See you there if you're in the area!

Kylie xo

August 15, 2010

The FIVE cup cake. YUMMO!

i have an awesome recipe to share; it's called the five cup cake and that's literally all it is!
1C self raising flour
1C milk
1C coconut OR almond meal
1C fruit/vegie
1C brown sugar (which mostly i've missed out and it still works).

My favourite combos so far; mango & almond meal, grated carrot & coconut, grated beetroot & almond meal, sliced banana & coconut... oh they're all delicious!

Mix it all together, bake at 180 degrees for between 20-40 mins, depending on whether you're cooking in muffin tins, loaf tin or a cake tin.

I have found I can whip these up before school so easily - and off she goes with a piping hot teensy cake full of vegies! (yes, I tend to mix the beetroot and the carrot, and if you put vanilla soy milk in you can skip the sugar altogether!)

enjoy :-)

August 04, 2010

Cleaning baby toys SAFELY...

Clean Baby Toys safely - Not wanting to be super-precious and wipe and clean everything every minute, and finding that the 1 minute rule sometimes stretched to 5 minutes - it was important for me to research and find some safe alternatives to cleaning bubs toys.

Oh, so simple!

wooden & plastic toys;
1 Cup Water, 1 Cup Distilled White Vinegar
Mix together and put in a spray bottle - either spray the toy directly then wipe with a cloth, or spray on the cloth and wipe. Vinegar is safe for little ones (it's edible!) and the smell goes away relatively quickly!
For hard to move stains and sticky bits on toys, use a few drops of eucalyptus oil mixed with water on a cloth - and hey presto - gooey bits are gone! use the vinegar solution afterwards...

Cleaning soft toys; Often these will have cleaning instructions on the tag, but if they don't, and if they're home made toys, this is a great (and gentle) cleaning option... Put the toys in the washing machine with vinegar & bicarbonate soda - this is great for smelly sneakers too! Always check the toys for holes or tears, as the machine will be a little rough on those "injured" treasures. For heavily stained toys sprinkle a little bicarb soda and wash, adding 1/2 cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle. Most soft toys are fine in the dryer too, but i'm partial to a little outside sunshine and fresh air. Oh, and a great way to get rid of dust mites if the toys have been stored for a while, or if you've picked up some from a garage sale or op shop is to put them in a plastic bag and store them in the freezer for a week. For wool toys I recommend spot cleaning only, using a mild wool soap and a cloth and dry it in the sunshine. I would never put a wool toy in the machine or dryer - better to be safe than sorry!

Voila! clean, refreshed and germ free toys :-)

July 26, 2010

cute pics i have found...

oh, it's times like this when i wish my little girl was a baby once more... i found this blog which i LOVE - check it out, it will bring a smile to your face! LOVE IT!!!

May 11, 2010

tips for fun with babies, toddlers & kids

How easy is Play Dough??!!

All kids love play dough, (I do too!) and it’s so simple (and cheap) to make and lasts for ages. When you look at the ingredients you'll see it's safe for bubs too, if it goes in the mouth!

This recipe makes a small tub of play dough which is easily doubled for more. You can add essential oils to make it smell good too, in fact I've made it where each colour I've made a different smell.... it's so fun to play with!

What do you need?
1 cup flour
1/4 cup salt
1 tablespoon oil
few drops of food colouring
1/2 cup boiling water

What do you do?
Mix it all together and knead until reaches dough consistency.

To store it you can use lunch boxes, old takeaway containers, plastic snap lock bags or anything air tight.

April 29, 2010

essentials for a baby shower...

well, obviously a nic-nac nappywrap! but i have been thinking, as so many people buy for baby showers at my market stall and ask "what else might our friend need?" that there were lots of things I needed, but many that i didn't "need"... so, i'm going to start compiling a list, so if anyone wants to add to it - that'd be great! email or post on here. thanks :-)

April 26, 2010

Bangalow market - new spot

After seven years in the same spot at the Bangalow markets, we've moved! we're now up in front of the ferris wheel and the merry-go-round, beside the massage guy and clairvoyant, and near the food.... a great spot!

Come see us there, we have lots of new products for little girls and boys, toddler and baby toys, and of course our nappywraps, miniwraps and carry-alls.... always popular!

This weekend coming up - Byron Bay markets.

See you there :-)

April 20, 2010

new products...

well, the time has come, the play mats are on their way, the pencil wraps are in production, the new fabrics are out in force, and nic-nac is pumping!!!!

i'd like to start putting info on here about pregnancy and baby-time... but i'm waiting for a few more followers so, if you want to share this link, go ahead, there's lots of info waiting in the wings!

Kylie xo

April 13, 2010

Mathilda's market this Saturday (17/4/10)

yaay - just found out we got a spot so we're going to be showcasing our new products at Mathilda's market in Brisbane this Saturday - yipppeeee!

It's my favourite market, so much fun, and I'm so excited to have our new products there on show... and all the old fabrics on sale!

come see us there, or look online to see some of our new goodies - rest will be going up over the next week.

Kylie xo

April 11, 2010

Photo shoot for new products up the coast

12th April

Wow! What an amazing venue for a photo shoot - the Gold Coast Botanic Gardens at Benowa. Giggles Photography ( did the shoot for all our new products and 2010 fabics yesterday. Searing heat, heaps of mums, dads & bubs, 2 photographers, and the nic-nac crew - this time consisting of me, my mum and my daughter :-) what a day!

It's amazing when a photography company are so professional that they take care of the whole thing! They co-ordinated baby after baby, had them smiling and looking cute and all with no tears or whingeing - amazing!

Can't wait to see the pics... will post on here soon!

Oh yeah, and today's my birthday and the day to celebrate being me :-) happy days with my family!

March 31, 2010

nic-nac nappywrap... made it to blogging!

AWESOME!!!! we made it onto blogspot...

So, what's happening for nic-nac?

This Sunday - Byron markets - we are showcasing our brand new products and fabrics. What does this mean?

The long awaited playmats - just WAIT 'til you see them - they're soooo cool - and their friends - the organic toys (fruit & vegies) - which can tuck away inside the playmat. The fruit and vegies are so cute I could honestly have a set beside my bed! (yes, weird) They come as singles, or in a wooden vegie crate or cotton fruit tote.

Also making a much anticipated appearance - our new fabrics in the miniwrap, nappywrap and change mat AND the new pencilwrap - my 7 year old LOVES them.

Combine the new products and fabrics with our market tent's new roof & sides - and the excitement is truly unbearable - ba ha ha.

So come see us at the Byron markets this Easter Sunday, or keep checking in on our website as our new products make their way online...

happy parenting :-)