April 29, 2010

essentials for a baby shower...

well, obviously a nic-nac nappywrap! but i have been thinking, as so many people buy for baby showers at my market stall and ask "what else might our friend need?" that there were lots of things I needed, but many that i didn't "need"... so, i'm going to start compiling a list, so if anyone wants to add to it - that'd be great! email kylie@nappywrap.com.au or post on here. thanks :-)

April 26, 2010

Bangalow market - new spot

After seven years in the same spot at the Bangalow markets, we've moved! we're now up in front of the ferris wheel and the merry-go-round, beside the massage guy and clairvoyant, and near the food.... a great spot!

Come see us there, we have lots of new products for little girls and boys, toddler and baby toys, and of course our nappywraps, miniwraps and carry-alls.... always popular!

This weekend coming up - Byron Bay markets.

See you there :-)

April 20, 2010

new products...

well, the time has come, the play mats are on their way, the pencil wraps are in production, the new fabrics are out in force, and nic-nac is pumping!!!!

i'd like to start putting info on here about pregnancy and baby-time... but i'm waiting for a few more followers so, if you want to share this link, go ahead, there's lots of info waiting in the wings!

Kylie xo

April 13, 2010

Mathilda's market this Saturday (17/4/10)

yaay - just found out we got a spot so we're going to be showcasing our new products at Mathilda's market in Brisbane this Saturday - yipppeeee!

It's my favourite market, so much fun, and I'm so excited to have our new products there on show... and all the old fabrics on sale!

come see us there, or look online to see some of our new goodies - rest will be going up over the next week.

Kylie xo

April 11, 2010

Photo shoot for new products up the coast

12th April

Wow! What an amazing venue for a photo shoot - the Gold Coast Botanic Gardens at Benowa. Giggles Photography (http://www.gigglesphotography.com.au) did the shoot for all our new products and 2010 fabics yesterday. Searing heat, heaps of mums, dads & bubs, 2 photographers, and the nic-nac crew - this time consisting of me, my mum and my daughter :-) what a day!

It's amazing when a photography company are so professional that they take care of the whole thing! They co-ordinated baby after baby, had them smiling and looking cute and all with no tears or whingeing - amazing!

Can't wait to see the pics... will post on here soon!

Oh yeah, and today's my birthday and the day to celebrate being me :-) happy days with my family!