February 21, 2011

Kids Instyle - it was a blast!

Our blueberry spot nappywrap collection on display... pity i can't figure out how to turn the pic around!
What a big week it's been for us here in the nic-nac studio... launching our new website (and a myriad of teething problems), flying to Sydney for our first trade show - Kids Instyle - which was a bigger learning experience than anticipated and so inspiring, arriving back and unpacking, and now - to go through all the orders from the show.  Such an exciting time for us, I think we need a team of TEN not five!!!!!  But as we don't, and need to remember the work/life balance, I thought it appropriate to post on that topic.
What to do when work is screaming for attention, and there aren't enough hours in a day, BUT your family is also needing your time, energy and love, and you're torn limb from limb? Well, for me, I start by remembering to BREATHE!  Then I sit and write a huge list, and figure out what can get done after the family have gone to sleep, and before they awake in the morning, what I can do on the laptop in front of a (kids) movie during some quiet time (this way they THINK and FEEL that you're present with them as you sit beside them, but you're still typing away!) and then I put something in the slow cooker, so it's ready for dinner time with little fuss or effort. It's not easy!  Then I put off what I can, deal with what is urgent, make a few phone calls, send a few emails, and give out as many hugs as needed.  When kids feel important and that their needs are being met, they slowly drift back to a relaxed state and are happy pottering (in my experience anyway) on their own, enabling you to get on with what you need to, with them nearby. I let my daughter have a day off school today - she'd missed me for five days, and many more before that as I was preparing for the show, so I thought it was fine for her to have some me time - but needing her to understand that I'd also need to do some work too.  As soon as I involve her she feels important.  "what do you think of these photos of the nappywrap?" or "Why don't you be in charge of deciding what we'll make for lunch together?" and she loves it! Hope you manage to keep your work/life balance working well for you and your family, and if you have tips and ideas to share - don't keep them to yourself!  Share the love :-) The photos in this post are of our Kids Instyle stand - our theme was PICNIC and it was exciting shopping for goodies for our "picnic" from the food markets at Fox Studios, as well as the most amazing grocer (max something?) we found near our hotel in Surry Hills.  YUM! Have a great week everyone, Kylie xo


the nic-nac nappywrap display at kids instyle - come join our picnic?!  xo

February 11, 2011

new website - new piccies - good times!

Isn't it funny what excites different people... for me it's clean floors in my house, a day off to spend with my family, and new photos of nic-nac products!  (many more things too - but not wanting to bore you with the long list!)

We were lucky enough to have the gorgeous gals from Giggles Photography do a photoshoot for us this week, (the 2nd they've done for nic-nac) and this time they used their own babies as the models (last shoot they were both pregnant!) so I'm sharing a few of my favourite shots - for the rest, head to our website.  Thanks Josh and Peyton - you're both totally adorable!  (and isn't that the most beautiful grass you've ever seen?!!!!)
Peyton with a nic-nac poppy dot carry-all

Josh on a blueberry spot nappywrap

Peyton on a poppy dot nappywrap
Today we launch our new website, and are thrilled to be offering a launch special - 20% off the whole range (which we've never offered before!) for 48 hours... ending midnight 13th Feb 2011.  There are lots of new ways for our beloved customers to save with nic-nac; we're offering a rewards system, cheaper postage with no packaging costs, and more... head over and see for yourselves and grab a bargain while you can!  nic-nac nappywrap

Our theme for the year... simplify your life.  Over the coming months we'll be sharing ideas and hope you'll share yours too - let's make 2011 less complicated so we can all spend more time with our families!


February 01, 2011

Kids Instyle - here we come!

Woooohooooo less than 2 weeks until we leave for our first trade show - kids instyle in Sydney, can't wait!

we're in serious preparation mode here in the nic-nac studio, and every day we've got new products arriving.  photos below are of our new pencil wraps and baby change mats - they're available now on our website http://www.nic-nac.com.au or head to http://www.facebook.com/nicnacnappywrap and become a "liker"...

blue gingham pencilwrap

chocolate gingham with blue trim pencilwrap

chocolate gingham with red trim pencilwrap

funky flower pencilwrap

lime spot with pink trim pencilwrap

lime spot with red trim pencilwrap

minipink pencilwrap

tulip pencilwrap

red spot pencilwrap

red star pencilwrap
 and the new change mats are available in the following colour combinations;

pink gingham with pink trim (looks great with the tulip miniwrap), pink gingham with red trim (looks great with the flower fairies miniwrap), chocolate gingham with red trim (looks great with the flower fairies miniwrap), chocolate gingham with string trim (looks great with the blue leaf miniwrap), bottle green (looks great with the green leaf miniwrap), baby blue (looks great with the vintage cars miniwrap)

On sale this month we have the army fabric - nappywrap (save $10) and miniwrap (save $5)

army fabric in the miniwrap style

Good luck to you all in north QLD awaiting the cyclone... we're all thinking of you down here on the north coast of NSW, as we struggle through a crazy heat wave - a bit of a shock after months and months of rain.

Here's to a better weather month for the whole country NEXT month! (and stay safe while we're coping through these next few days and weeks)

Kylie xo