July 16, 2012

3000 liker celebration!

Hi peeps,

Thanks for joining us on our adventure and LIKING the nic-nac facebook page!  We have lots to share with you, so stay on board and ENJOY :-)

So, without further ado, here's the pop quiz, please answer the questions by commenting below, then head over to facebook and let us know which prize pack you'd like, when you're done!

For all those who've answered all questions correctly, the winners will be drawn randomly using random.org.

Good luck!

Pop Quiz:

1. Does nic-nac have any products that they produce themselves?

2. Name ONE of the nic-nac crew that help make it all possible ...

3. What is the newest product line to join the nic-nac family?

4. What's the newest colour to join the Contigo West Loop range?

5. Finish the title ... "Gummie xxxxx"

That's it - a little research to be done on our website to complete the pop quiz, and then you're in the running to win one of these prize packs;

1. Parent prize pack

includes 1x blueberry spot nic-nac carry-all (RRP $89.95) and 1x blueberry spot nic-nac change mat (RRP $34.95)

2. Kid prize pack

includes 2x packets of dragon and fairy eggs (RRP $9.95) and 1x pastel ting-a-ling wand (RRP $7.95)

3. Decorating prize pack

includes 1x star lantern (RRP $9.95) and 1x rainbow bunting flags (RRP 9.95)

Good luck!