September 09, 2012

Helping Hand September/October 2012

Who needs a helping hand?  

I do sometimes, I'm sure we all do.

Sometimes it's because we're ill, and it's hard holding it all together, other times it's because our partner is out of work, our expenses are higher than our income (vital ones, not flittery ones) and sometimes it's not because money's an issue, but because doing the physical is the problem.

We can often find the help if we know what we need, where to go, and are happy to ask for it ...
It can be in the form of;  monetary - through organisations such as the red cross or your local community centre;  emotional help - from talking with friends to getting a mental health plan from your local GP;  and physical help - a lot of churches and community groups are happy to get stuck in for an organised working bee, or neighbours can often rally around and help out for a bit with child minding or help with meals.

But what happens when you just can't ASK for help.  That's the case in my family.  When my husband first had his accident we had so much help it was absolutely mind blowing.  There was fundraising to go towards building us a purpose-built home, there were people coming to the hospital and taking me out for lunch, booking me in for massages, taking our daughter off to theme parks or shows to give her regular kid time away from the hospital, but as you would expect, it all slowly peters out.  Now, five years later, my life hasn't got a single bit easier, and people DO offer to help, but they say, "give me a call if you need anything" or "let me know if we can help in anyway."

Well, I'm not going to.  My husband isn't going to either.  Because ASKING for help is REALLY, REALLY hard!  Especially when you've received a lot of help in the past, it can feel like you've had your share, now it's someone else's turn.

That's why I need to offer a helping hand where I can, by way of a friend nomination.  I find it a LOT easier to ask for help for friends, than I do to ask it for myself.

Isn't that the way for most people?  We can get together and organise meals to be made and taken around to a friend who's sick, or a little working bee at their place if its needed, or take their kids to give the parents a break if they're struggling, there are numerous ways we support one another, but I'm sure I'm not alone, I just find it so damn hard to ask for help myself!

So, this is to all of you who know a pregnant couple or new family who needs a helping hand.  In the past we've run the Helping Hand offer through our newsletters, but it's time i started blogging it regularly, so that more people know about it and can nominate a friend in need of a helping hand.


We know that not everybody can have everything they want or need, so we'd like to help out in some small way.  Do you have a friend who's pregnant or just added to their family, and are struggling? 

If you know someone who could truly benefit from a nic-nac nappywrap and carry-all combo (we call it the BIG DAY OUT COMBO) we'd like to hear from you.  

To nominate someone, simply comment below WHY they could benefit from having a nic-nac BIG DAY OUT COMBO.  Please don't nominate yourself.  

We'll review all the stories on the 10th October, and choose THREE deserving winners.  The total giveaway value is over $650 (including freight).  We'll ship to anywhere ...

The winners will be announced in a new blogpost on the 12th October 2012.  

Email if you have any questions about it.

NB: You do not need to check with your friend that they're happy to be included in this helping hand giveaway, as you are not required to supply their names (in fact, we don't want to know!) and they will remain anonymous.  When we post their prize, we'll simply say it's a gift from YOU :) ... we will however mention that you nominated them for our helping hand giveaway - but that's it.  They're lucky to have YOU for a friend!

If you know of a business who might be interested in being part of one of our 6x yearly helping hand giveaways, please ask them to email  and we can chat :)

We have had beautiful feedback from past recipients and their friends who nominated them.  It makes us feel all warm and fuzzy :)

And just a little thing to remember which will really make a BIG difference ... when you offer to help someone, it's a great idea to back it up with booking in a time and place and really MAKE IT HAPPEN!  That way you're not leaving it up to the person to get in touch and follow you up.

Oh, and one more thing - YOU are an awesome friend, and should be proud.  Your friend is lucky to have you :)

When you see this image on our facebook page, please share it.  Share the love!


July 16, 2012

3000 liker celebration!

Hi peeps,

Thanks for joining us on our adventure and LIKING the nic-nac facebook page!  We have lots to share with you, so stay on board and ENJOY :-)

So, without further ado, here's the pop quiz, please answer the questions by commenting below, then head over to facebook and let us know which prize pack you'd like, when you're done!

For all those who've answered all questions correctly, the winners will be drawn randomly using

Good luck!

Pop Quiz:

1. Does nic-nac have any products that they produce themselves?

2. Name ONE of the nic-nac crew that help make it all possible ...

3. What is the newest product line to join the nic-nac family?

4. What's the newest colour to join the Contigo West Loop range?

5. Finish the title ... "Gummie xxxxx"

That's it - a little research to be done on our website to complete the pop quiz, and then you're in the running to win one of these prize packs;

1. Parent prize pack

includes 1x blueberry spot nic-nac carry-all (RRP $89.95) and 1x blueberry spot nic-nac change mat (RRP $34.95)

2. Kid prize pack

includes 2x packets of dragon and fairy eggs (RRP $9.95) and 1x pastel ting-a-ling wand (RRP $7.95)

3. Decorating prize pack

includes 1x star lantern (RRP $9.95) and 1x rainbow bunting flags (RRP 9.95)

Good luck!


June 06, 2012

Fabulous Fan of the week - WEDNESDAY!

Sharyn William we think you rock.  Your cool posts and comments make us chuckle but NOTHING compares to reading this limerick that you wrote us!

"There was a store call nic-nac
Who sold cool stuff and mixed packs
Their teepees are great
For kids and their mates
That awesome store called nic-nac"

Thank you for interacting with us and enjoying our products, posts and random piccies!

Please email with your address, so we can send you out a lovely nic-nac goodie!

Have a great day, and to the rest of you - keep up the good work, we love reading your posts and comments and having you be part of our journey...

Kylie & Pippa xxx

May 30, 2012

2500 facebook likers ... WINNERS ARE GRINNERS!

Thanks to you all who took part in this giveaway, I've really enjoyed exploring the pages which you've all recommended as doing some good ... And I have donated to a couple who I was super-impressed with.   Thanks for sharing the love :-)

Apologies for the delay in posting up the winners, but here they are;

Winner is Olivia Flanagan

  • kid prize pack; 
  • 1x nic- nac balloon ball, 1x dragon eggs, 1x fairy eggs
  • RRP $25.95

  • parent prize; 
  • 1x nic-nac carry-all
  • RRP $89.95

Winner is Jess

Please email with you postal addresses so we can get your goodies out to you asap .... Also, with the bubba pink balloon ball baby prize pack - we are currently out of stock of that fabric, so please state your preference out of poppy dot or blueberry spot.  Our sewers are up to their eyeballs in balloon ball fabric as I type, so you're welcome to wait a few weeks if you'd like to choose a different fabric.  

Congratulations peeps - ENJOY!

Kylie xo

May 14, 2012

2500 facebook liker competition!

I love a competition ... quiz ... whatever - anything that interacts and gets people thinking and researching - I'm into it!

So, without wanting to announce "here, have a free balloon ball!" with no fun attached to it, I want to do something a bit different.

What is up for offer, to celebrate nic-nac getting to 2500 likers (which is very exciting!) is offer three categories of prizes;

  • kid prize pack; 
  • 1x nic- nac balloon ball, 1x dragon eggs, 1x fairy eggs
  • RRP $25.95

  • parent prize; 
  • 1x nic-nac carry-all
  • RRP $89.95

  1. OK, so now you know what you could win, how do you go about getting your hands on one of these prize packs??!
  2. Share on the nic-nac facebook page, a page that is doing some kind of GOOD for others ... make sure you mention WHY you think they're a GOOD page.
  3. Share on the nic-nac facebook page WHY you love being a parent ... doesn't have to be a novel, can be just a short sentence on why being a parent fills your heart with love, or makes you smile.
  4. Head to the nic-nac website and find a product you didn't know was on there before.  Write about it on YOUR facebook page, tagging nic-nac on the post.
  5. Come back here, and comment below when all your deeds are done, and which prize pack you're keenest to win.

Good luck!


Terms and conditions;
Entries only accepted until 8pm Tuesday 22nd May
Winners will be notified here on the blog, on Tuesday 22nd May, 2012 at 10pm
Winners will be chosen using

May 10, 2012

Mother's Day FREE printable

Mother's Day is almost upon us once more, and kids around the world are preparing to make their first cup of tea, perhaps breakfast in bed, a home-made card, perhaps a picnic or help around the house.

Whatever it is, make sure you take the time this Mother's Day to enjoy filling in this printable with your kids, and store it somewhere special.  You'll love how your picture changes each year, as do the gorgeous things they write.

Email for your FREE printable (hi-res PDF version) 

Enjoy your special day!

nic-nac mother's day printable

Fabulous Friday - fan of the week! 11/5/12

Fabulous Friday - fan of the week!


I have loved reading your comments and interacting with you on our page ...

My all-time favourite comment you made this week, in response to the article and image of attachment parenting, was "I couldn't get enough of her baby smell" how true that is for so many of us!!!!!

You have won a nic-nac carry-all (RRP $89.95) - so please head to to choose your fabric - poppy dot or blueberry spot - and let us know your postal details.  Email and it will be in the post asap!

Have a fabulous weekend, and to all you nic-nac likers out there - get interacting with our page, share piccies, write comments, like posts, and you could win next week's Fabulous Friday fan of the week!

Happy fabulous Friday,

Kylie   xo

March 30, 2012

Everything has a story ...

Saturday, March 31, 2012

I love a good  story.  I know, most people do – that’s why reality TV has become so popular, because the viewer gets to hear real stories about real people, and as the series progresses, get to know more about the stories behind the contestants. The only reality TV show I’m hooked on (but alas, it’s just finished!) is My Kitchen Rules.  I love cooking, and I love being in the kitchen with my daughter (9), and so we often talk about how we could be the first mother-daughter team (9 and 38!) to take part … In reality, I could never handle the stress!  I definitely don’t like to cook with the stopwatch ticking away loudly beside me.
The stories behind some of our nic-nac products and the products we’ve sourced for our webstore are pretty unique and some are fascinating.  Some are totally inspiring, but that's a blog post for another day ... 
Take for example, our newest product – the ratbag beanie.  The gorgeous Northern Rivers gal who makes those, is someone I met through a friend, around 20 years ago.  Her name is Zix, and she has two gorgeous girls, and now lives in Lismore, NSW, having moved north from Sydney – seeking out the lifestyle change so many of us come here for.  It was only a few months ago that we re-connected, and I’m so happy to have Zix and her gorgeous ratbag beanies on board.   The friend we have in common lives in Christchurch, NZ, and of course, we all know how many people have been devastated by the repeated earthquakes there.
 nic-nac ratbag beanies blossoms on greennic-nac ratbag beanies toadstools mushrooms on beige/string beaniefrog on grey ratbag beanie nic-nacpink hat with grey mice - ratbag beanie - nic-nac
The 2nd story is about Christchurch again.  This time it’s Mocka, who are the distributors of the teepees and tree hangers that we stock.  They’re a Christchurch based family business, and after being devastated by the earthquakes, they packed up and came to Australia – the land of opportunity – to start up Mocka Australia.  They still have the majority of their family members running Mocka NZ, and their NZ company has a HUGE array of fantastic products, but Mocka Australia has had huge success since their launch, and we’re proud to be supporting fellow kiwis in their endeavours. 
What about what’s behind the teepees?  Well, three years ago I was working on my first pattern for a teepee, there are a lot of patterns around, but I wanted one with an easily removable floor, a window for ventailation, wooden poles, and of course – be machine-washable, which is a pre-requisite with all nic-nac products.  Washable means PRACTICAL!
 my all-time favourite teepee!  The girlie girl floral teepee
A year on, and we were still tinkering with the teepee pattern … There are so many gorgeous teepees on the market, my personal favourite being the girlie girl floral teepee that we sell … but I really wanted to do a denim one with poppy dot trim!  However, after buying a Mocka one for my daughter (blue and white stripes – she’s not a girlie girl floral kind of girl!) I realised these ones were EVERYTHING I wanted in a teepee and more … Sturdy, extremely well made, they had a detachable floor, easy to assemble, easy to cart around, perfect at the beach, a window for airflow, big enough to fit a few kids, in actual fact … perfect!  So, we bought a few wholesale, and haven’t looked back.  Why try to re-invent the wheel? 
 blue stripe teepee nic-nac clover's teepee!
The Contigo drink bottles … now, that’s a line of products that when offered to me, I just couldn’t pass up!  Two years ago when I started doing The Mummy Tree markets in Brisbane, I met a gorgeous gal called Christie, who had a business “Much more than scraps” selling the Contigo range of drink bottles and travel mugs.  I bought one for me and one for my trusty side kick market helper (Clover – my daughter!) and it was love at first gulp.  They are undoubtedly the best, easiest, most practical drink bottle I have ever had.  The next market (some 8 weeks later) I bought a couple to give as gifts, the next market, a couple more!  It soon became my “go to” gift for any age person, birthday, Christmas, whatever!  And what’s more – everyone loved them!  So last December (2011) when Christie got in touch to let me know she was moving to the States, and asked “you’ve always been one of our best customer – you love these bottles – do you want to buy the business?” I jumped off my office chair in excitement, and said “yes please!” with no hesitation.  Since December, we’ve sold so many drink bottles and travel mugs it’s hard to keep up with the ordering!  I think we sell as many Contigo products as we do our own nic-nac products. 
 nic-nac contigo drink bottle madison 750ml non-spill non-leak - briliiant!the kangaroo has a pouch to hold keys, money, gym card - one handed operationwest loop travel mug no-spill no-leak one-handed operation - awesome from nic-nacno-spill or leak drink bottle for kids!  nic-nac sources contigo!

I think that’s the key … don’t just stock products because they look pretty, are cheap, or are easy to source, but find a product that you love so much, that you want to give them to everyone!  
So, the collection of goodies on is practical, extremely good quality, funky, sometimes quirky, but always AWESOME!  And everyone of those products has a story behind it … more to come on that!
♥ Kylie ♥
nic-nac logo with picnic

February 20, 2012

Show your creative flair!

To win one of the final three nic-nac balloon balls, see how clever you are with words, and make up a little ditty using the nic-nac tag line ...

Either using nic-nac nappywrap or just plain nic-nac.

See how you go :-)

Due to posting this much later than anticipated, you have until 9am WEDNESDAY 22nd Feb 2012 to submit (below) your little ditty.

Enjoy!  xo

February 09, 2012

2000 facebook -likers celebration pop quiz

Well, we reached the 2000 likers milestone, and geee it feels nice to be liked :-)  So, as promised - we're holding the nic-nac pop quiz 10 balloon ball giveaway!

the winners will be able to choose their balloon ball from the selection available on our website

The rules are;
  • you MUST answer all 10 questions (posted on facebook) correctly to qualify to be in the running to win.  
  • Those ten questions will always begin with QUESTION 1 (2, 3 etc).   
  • If there are MORE than ten people who answer all questions correctly, the 10 winners will be chosen using  
  • The pop quiz will go over a series of days, and the questions will be posted at different times ... 
  • It's not a race.  It's a fun pop quiz where it's about correct answers rather than speedy responses!
  • The answers can all be found either on our facebook page, or on our website.
  • All answers must be written ON THIS BLOG at the comments section below this post.  DO NOT post them on facebook!  click LIKE on the facebook post once you have answered.
  • You might need to be a little bit creative at times - enjoy it!
Enough of the rules! 

QUESTION 1: when nic-nac began, what was the FIRST product we created?  

Good luck - keep checking to see when question two is up!

Kylie xo

January 23, 2012

What's in a name?

What's in a name?

I have long been a lover of interesting names.  I have been naming dolls, teddy bears, pets and my little brother for over 30 years now ...
baby bump name ideas

Officially, when my brother entered the world, my parents named him Damian.  But that would not do for a 2 and a half year-old, desperate for a sister!  So Carmen he became, and Carmen he stayed, (except on days he was Jacinta) until my mother said it was time to stop dressing him up as a girl and he WASN'T my little sister!
When I was very little, I favoured names like Emma, Louise and Justin.  As I grew older I preferred to make names up - my favourite teddy was Jameana Bateara.  Luckily by the time we had our daughter, I had moved on (slightly) and was giving some thought to what our child might be happy to be named later on in life.  Choosing a name for our child was extremely challenging.  My husband and I couldn't agree on anything.  Luckily, he had the foresight to suggest that if she were a girl, I'd choose, and if he were a boy, he'd choose.  I say luckily, because I knew from the moment our little peanut started growing inside me, that she was of the pink variety. And sure enough - she was!  However, on her arrival, the three finalists on my list didn't suit her at all (and she'll thank me for that one day!) ... they were; Lotus, Lollie and Cynamon.  12 hours after she was born, in my morphine-induced state, I was tearfully on the phone to my mother in New Zealand, panicking that my 12-hour-old baby didn't have a name.  
clover montage
As she was born on St Patrick's Day mum suggested an Irish name ... my husband was cheering for Guiness, my mum suggested Patricia, and finally when she said "how about Clover?" Richard and I both ecstatically AGREED and Clover she is!

It's a wonderful name - not only is a clover my favourite colour, but also it's really fun having a name that is SOMETHING.  
We've had clover themed birthday parties, she writes her name with a clover symbol, people buy her dolls or books that have clover's in them ... and I get excited about clover fabrics!  hello kitty clover
When she's older, if she chooses to enter the corporate world and isn't happy with Clover, she can easily make it Chloe!  But Clover isn't as unusual as some might think - it's actually been around as long as Pearl and Ruby ...  And funnily enough, we live in an area called Clover Hill – and yes, she does think the area was named after her!  
My husband, had we had a boy, would have named him Ash.  Not Ashley, Ashton or Asher.  Just Ash.  My mother in law was HORRIFIED when we told her that was to be his name if he was of the blue variety.  “WHAT?!  Like, as in ASHTRAY?” she worried.  But no, not ashtray – but Ash, as in the ash family of rainforest trees (not surprising as my husband is a horticulturalist). 

His name is Richard (my husband) which is such a STRONG and masculine name.  My name is Kylie.  That was a pretty cool name growing up, as I’m sure I was the only Kylie in the whole of New Zealand.  Likewise when I lived in the UK – there weren’t any around there either.  But on moving to Sydney when I was 24, what a shock to find a Kylie/Kylee/Khylee around every street corner!   Incidentally, Kylie means boomerang.  It was a great support to my loving parents, the meaning of my name when I was an extremely challenging teenager, as they always kept faith that no matter how difficult the stage I was going through, the lovely (if I say so myself!)  Kylie would always come back.  And indeed I did come back.  And there are times I fear my sweet Clover might morph into a horror of a teenager ... and I imagine my parents might watch from afar and chuckle, sitting pretty in the knowledge that karma exists!

My nieces are; Zia, Honey Belle, Francesca, Ruby, Emma and Sophie.  My nephews are Freddie and Louis.  What a lovely mix of names we have!  My sister is Yasmiin, which is the Estonian (her father’s heritage) version of Jasmine.  Having watched others struggle over not just the pronunciation of her name, but also the spelling, I decided long before we had Clover, that our child/ren would have to have names that were easily spelt and pronounced! 

Recently, amongst our friends, there has been a big influx of babies.  Maverick, Zakai, Sam, Grace, Violet Bessie, Coco, George, Harry and Minty.  A lovely mix of the more traditional and the new.    We have friends who have called all four daughters names beginning with M.  Mabel, Maggie, Maisie and Mary.  I love it!

If I’d have been able to have a son, I’d have liked to have named him Ziggy or Oberon.  Richard was most unimpressed with those options.  Oberon is King of the fairies (which didn’t appeal to him) and Ziggy was because I’d have a lovely dog named Ziggy in my late teens and 20s. 

I regularly post on facebook asking nic-nac likers what weird and wonderful names they’ve come across …. Undoubtedly my favourites which  have been reported are A-a and La-a.  Do you get it?  Adasha and Ladasha … Didn’t know it was legal – but there you go, some originality and bravery!

Moving on, here’s a list, courtesy of this website which is a great resource for many things baby related, of the top 20 baby names for Australians in 2011.  I wonder what 2012 will bring?

Australia 2011 - 20 most popular names

    Charlie (tied with Hannah)

nic-nac logo clover picnic  Kylie xo