August 15, 2010

The FIVE cup cake. YUMMO!

i have an awesome recipe to share; it's called the five cup cake and that's literally all it is!
1C self raising flour
1C milk
1C coconut OR almond meal
1C fruit/vegie
1C brown sugar (which mostly i've missed out and it still works).

My favourite combos so far; mango & almond meal, grated carrot & coconut, grated beetroot & almond meal, sliced banana & coconut... oh they're all delicious!

Mix it all together, bake at 180 degrees for between 20-40 mins, depending on whether you're cooking in muffin tins, loaf tin or a cake tin.

I have found I can whip these up before school so easily - and off she goes with a piping hot teensy cake full of vegies! (yes, I tend to mix the beetroot and the carrot, and if you put vanilla soy milk in you can skip the sugar altogether!)

enjoy :-)

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