February 01, 2011

Kids Instyle - here we come!

Woooohooooo less than 2 weeks until we leave for our first trade show - kids instyle in Sydney, can't wait!

we're in serious preparation mode here in the nic-nac studio, and every day we've got new products arriving.  photos below are of our new pencil wraps and baby change mats - they're available now on our website http://www.nic-nac.com.au or head to http://www.facebook.com/nicnacnappywrap and become a "liker"...

blue gingham pencilwrap

chocolate gingham with blue trim pencilwrap

chocolate gingham with red trim pencilwrap

funky flower pencilwrap

lime spot with pink trim pencilwrap

lime spot with red trim pencilwrap

minipink pencilwrap

tulip pencilwrap

red spot pencilwrap

red star pencilwrap
 and the new change mats are available in the following colour combinations;

pink gingham with pink trim (looks great with the tulip miniwrap), pink gingham with red trim (looks great with the flower fairies miniwrap), chocolate gingham with red trim (looks great with the flower fairies miniwrap), chocolate gingham with string trim (looks great with the blue leaf miniwrap), bottle green (looks great with the green leaf miniwrap), baby blue (looks great with the vintage cars miniwrap)

On sale this month we have the army fabric - nappywrap (save $10) and miniwrap (save $5)

army fabric in the miniwrap style

Good luck to you all in north QLD awaiting the cyclone... we're all thinking of you down here on the north coast of NSW, as we struggle through a crazy heat wave - a bit of a shock after months and months of rain.

Here's to a better weather month for the whole country NEXT month! (and stay safe while we're coping through these next few days and weeks)

Kylie xo

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