June 13, 2011

nic-nac . keep it simple . the pencilwrap is the way to go!

What is a nic-nac pencilwrap, and why is it better than a regular pencil roll?

Clover in the park with her nic-nac pencilwrap
minipink pencilwrap open, and rolled
Simple!  Because it fits everything you need, and nothing you don't need!
12 coloured pencils or markers, some "grey lead's" (that's what my daughter calls them at school - back in my day we just called them regular pencils!) small stapler, small sticky-tape, erasers, stickers, notes, small ruler, notepad, and more!
They can be machine-washed (cold water) when they get grubby (which, let's face it - anything where kids are involved, gets grubby!) and are so handy they can be used in almost any situation.

Personal favourites;

Handbag (or nappy bag) - whip out your pencilwrap when you're at a cafe, restuarant, meeting, bank - anywhere that your child needs to sit still quietly while you're occupied with something that needs your attention.

Car - keep it in the glove box or back-seat organiser, and there's always something fun to do while on short or long trips.

School bag (or tote tray) - keep pens and pencils neat and stops them getting lost!  in a nic-nac pencilwrap there's a place for everything, so things don't go missing!
chocolate gingham pencilwrap
Head to the nic-nac pencilwrap page for more information, or to order now.  For the month of June 2011, all pencilwraps come complete with notepad, erasers, grey leads and 12 coloured pencils.

But I haven't answered why they're better than a regular pencil roll yet... well, pencil rolls are great, there's no doubt about that. They encourage kids to put their pencils away (kids love creating the rainbow as they slot their pencils in each spot!) and keep things neat and tidy.  But that's all they keep.  So you still need a bag or pencilcase etc for your sharpener, eraser, note pad or colouring book and all that other "stuff"... that's why the nic-nac pencilwrap is so cool!  It fits EVERYTHING you need and nothing you don't!

Here at the nic-nac studio we love stuff that is PRACTICAL and well-made.  These are built to LAST!

Enter PBCSALE at checkout for 25% off (until June 30 2011) and we'll throw in a notepad, erasers, grey leads and 12 coloured pencils for good measure.  Enjoy :-)

Kylie xo

p.s. my daughter (8) gives one of these to any of her friends having birthdays.  boys or girls, young or really young, they are a great gift and so practical.  One of these and a nic-nac balloon ball and she's chuffed with her present giving :-)

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