March 31, 2010

nic-nac nappywrap... made it to blogging!

AWESOME!!!! we made it onto blogspot...

So, what's happening for nic-nac?

This Sunday - Byron markets - we are showcasing our brand new products and fabrics. What does this mean?

The long awaited playmats - just WAIT 'til you see them - they're soooo cool - and their friends - the organic toys (fruit & vegies) - which can tuck away inside the playmat. The fruit and vegies are so cute I could honestly have a set beside my bed! (yes, weird) They come as singles, or in a wooden vegie crate or cotton fruit tote.

Also making a much anticipated appearance - our new fabrics in the miniwrap, nappywrap and change mat AND the new pencilwrap - my 7 year old LOVES them.

Combine the new products and fabrics with our market tent's new roof & sides - and the excitement is truly unbearable - ba ha ha.

So come see us at the Byron markets this Easter Sunday, or keep checking in on our website as our new products make their way online...

happy parenting :-)

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